David Robbins – Director of Sales

David Robbins

David’s love for wine was instilled at an early age when his father (a Pediatrician) would dip his pacifier into chilled champagne to soothe his teething pains. Throughout his twenties, David worked in New York City as a successful recording engineer working with many accomplished artists including Madonna and David Byrne. It was during this time that he began to voraciously read anything that had to do with wine. Many producers in NYC even started to refer to him as the “Wine Guy.”

In 1994, David and his wife Letitia visited Napa Valley for the first time and he instantly realized that this was the place for them. After several more trips over the next few years, they made the decision to quit their jobs, sell their house and head west to follow their dream of wine country living.

Since 1999, David has represented several top Napa producers and became a certified Sommelier in 2009. His passion for wine is matched only by his enthusiasm in sharing this love with his friends, family and clients.